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10 April 2020

What is the Cost of a Borehole in Africa?

We continue to build boreholes in Africa. How can I donate to the Borehole Project Partnership?

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86% of people living in Sub-Saharan Africa lack healthy and clean water sources. Water gives life if it is available, but if it is scarce, it causes loss of life, especially in Africa. The Ab-i Hayat (Water for Life) Borehole Project is initiated to give life to Africa.

Considering the vast need of clean water in Africa, UICT has conducted analysis in the arid countries and regions where there is no access to clean water and as a result initiated Borehole Projects under ‘Ab-i Hayat’ (Water for Life) theme which will facilitate people to access the most basic necessity of life, the source of life, water.


… just colourless, tasteless, odourless… Yet it is a blessing which every living creature has depended on since the world’s creation. Every form of life has centred around it. Arid Africa is in dire need of it.

Building Boreholes in Africa

People often use manpower to build water wells in the arid regions of Africa. When they find a rock while digging, they attempt to break it through force; and if they fail to crumble the rock, they are obliged to relocate the well. In order to avoid such risks, we use the drilling method. We first drill the ground to determine whether there is any rock and how deep the water vein is. After making sure there is no obstacle for drilling, we drill 30-40 meters down. Then we install suitable pipes and pumps and finished it in a concrete casing for durability.

Application to Donate Borehole Project

Using an application developed on the UICT website under the theme of Ab-i Hayat Borehole project, you can become shareholders in a Borehole with as little as R200 and instantly follow the graphs daily showing what per cent of the well is collected. You can pay online at our website and support the Borehole campaign.

Donate for the Borehole Project

Cost of Building Boreholes In Africa

The costs of building a borehole may vary depending on the country, region, depth of water and the method implemented for drilling. The UICT expert team, having more than 20 years of experience in the field, conduct preliminary on-site studies and determine costs for the projects. The cost of a borehole in Africa starts from 3000 USD. For further information, contact our offices.

Boreholes in Africa

Tens of thousands of people, in Sub-Saharan Africa especially, are migrating from the villages they were born and raised in search of water. In villages where boreholes are found, humans and many other creatures benefit from the clean water and the water from the wells even helps the improvement of local farming in leaps and bounds. Borehole projects to be implemented in counties like Niger, Mali, Chad, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Togo, and Uganda every year will facilitate to save more lives from being perished due to lack of water. A borehole to operate in a region means not also humans but many other creatures will benefit from the water.

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