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12 May 2020

Green African Sapling Project

Have A Growing Sapling in Africa

We are planting saplings in Africa.

There are vast barren lands and deserts on Earth. We dream that millions take action in this regard to stop the earth from turning into desert. Donate a sapling or two so that we plant them for you and leave behind an inhabitable world for future.

UICT invite our donors and well-wishers to take part in this tremendous project. Come and join “Green Africa Sapling Project” and plant a tree in Africa. We are aiming to add value in people’s lives and execute this beautiful campaign together with you. You may not be there to plant saplings in Africa, but your kind efforts will definitely reach those far lands which are difficult to reach.

Sapling donation is a Sadaqah Jariyah”.

Click Here to Donate a Sapling in Africa

Why planting trees?

Planting tree is an act of kindness that will reach the future generations. It helps to develop a green world embellished with trees, providing fresh air and a fine climate which will be a legacy for our posterity to enjoy.


Trees, like many other creatures, are divine blessings that are beneficial to humans in many aspects. A tree is not merely of trunks, branches, snags, fruits, or timber. It has huge effects on the environment such as clearing of the air, rain fall, climate regulation, and growth of other flora. Trees are vital in the continuation of the ecosystem on earth.


We have embarked on this journey of “Green Africa Sapling Project” hoping to achieve our sincere goals and to leave a legacy for the generations to come. We are planting your saplings. We aim to plant thousands of saplings in Africa. Every sapling planted will be hope for future. As the saplings grow to trees, they will provide homes for birds, shade for animals and fruits for people. 

Click Here to Donate a Sapling in Africa


How do I donate saplings?

You can donate online from our website or you can register by calling our office.

The steps you should follow to donate:

1-) You are required to complete sapling donation form online or telephonically and do the payment.

2-) Once the sapling operation is complete, we will WhatsApp you a photo of the sapling planted on your behalf.

NOTE: The saplings will be planted collectively at a date and place determined by UICT and the trees will be indigenous to each country.   


You can donate saplings on behalf of your friends and beloved ones.

Come on! Let’s plant trees for ourselves and for our beloved ones.

Leave a Green Legacy for Future
Click Here to Donate a Sapling in Africa
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