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12 May 2020

“LOH”, The Main Educational Tool of the Sub-Saharan Africa

Education in Africa has been a focal interest for some. When we look at African history, we can see important scientists who pursued knowledge in these lands. Looking at present time, educational activities somehow continue in Africa mostly under difficult conditions.

Parents in most countries of Africa pay special care in their children being Hafidh. However, due to some challenges, it takes long years for children to learn the Noble Qur’an and complete their Hifdh.

In the rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, where 70% of the total population is found, education is conducted under primitive, local conditions.

Most of the children study at outdoors. They study on the ground and barefoot. The area around the fire which is lit in the village square at night or a shade they can find during the day serve them as their ‘classrooms’.

Their pens are sticks from trees. The ash of charcoal is their ink. But they don’t even have a paper to write on. Loh (or luh in some places) is their notebook and teachers’ instrument of teaching. Loh is basically a wooden plaque that bears witness to the history of knowledge in Africa. It is sort of the tablet of Hafidh students in Africa.

They need your contributions of more printed copies, Mushaf Shareefs. You too can gift a student of knowledge with a Qur’an al-Kareem

Hifdh Taking Several Years

Each child has a loh on which they write all their work. A page from Qur’an is written on it, studied from it and then wiped with water. Then another page, then another one… Using this method, they study for several years and eventually become Hafidh or Hafidha.

All African children who embark on their journey of knowledge start their education with loh and complete it with loh.

Despite all the challenges, they never despair and continue their education.

Our association has been striving since its establishment for the betterment of educational facilities for children. We would like to thank our philanthropists who have supported us on this path.

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