See Services, We are on Mission


Our volunteers are do their duties with unconditional love. We’ve already won the hearts of thousands of volunteers who share their love unconditionally through active service.


We protect and service many people in Africa by improving their living conditions, through the generous donations in cash or kind of our supporting benefactors.

We are open to ideas

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves by thinking of new ideas and being open to strategic and futuristic ideas. We expect and embrace valuable ideas from all.


We reach people in remote deep rural parts of Africa, to assist, using our own reliable transport.


We are committed to support hundreds of thousands of people improve their lives. Our evaluation and impact analysis suggest that we’ve made an impact in concrete and intangible ways to improve the quality of the lives of those in greatest need.


We constantly measure the satisfaction of the needs and wants of our volunteers and the people we support, through impact evaluations and surveys.