About Us

The Universal Islamic and Cultural Trust (UICT) was established in South Africa in 2000 with the

purpose of promoting da`wah outreach programmes. Committed to its vision of holistic education,

UICT from its humble beginning in Bezuidenhout Valley has successfully maintained its presence

through its 23 centres operating across major provinces in the country.

Guided by the ideal of SERVICE OF HUMANITY our organisation has been working untiringly to

promote value-based education within the framework of religious ethos. The establishment of UICT

centres is aimed at ensuring that education is accessible to communities facing socio-economic


In pursuance with of its goal of providing quality-based education, the UICT has made the following

noteworthy contributions:

– Boarding facilities have been established for learners from disadvantaged communities

– Social programmes have been designed to promote leadership skills

– School fees and other costs are borne by UICT to enable learners to focus on their studies

– Learners attend schools within close proximity of the Centre. Thus schools with excellent

academic credentials are identified to optimize our learners’ potential.

UICT places great emphasis on social responsibility and sustainable development through education.

As an important stakeholders in the poverty alleviation programme, it has adopted innovative

measures to work in partnership with other organisations sharing a similar vision.

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