About UICT

The Universal Islamic and Cultural Trust (UICT) is a non-profit organization (NPO) established in South Africa in 2000. UICT’s aim is to meet the basic needs and wants of vulnerable people, in need of help, in Africa. Our vision and mission are to reach out to more needy people of the “underclass” and support them in achieving a universal quality of life in Africa.

UICT, has been growing steadily since its establishment, given the dire situation of need amongst the poor. We have been working on and assisting with provisioning issues such as providing food, drinking water, housing, health and quality education. We believe that these basic needs will provide a living safety net to help citizens become useful, creative, contributing individuals for society.

UICT activities include food distribution, water well drilling, opening of schools, circumcision clinics, vaccination clinics, health screening, installation of health centres, seedling planting and other life-giving programs and projects. UICT has managed to reach more people by cooperating with other similar focused organizations since its inception. This sharing of joint organizational skills, insights, and experience enrich us when introducing new projects, as challenges are looked at in a refreshingly new way.

Spiritual Education is provided to advance and promote Spiritual Intelligence creating more socially conscious caring individuals. Through festivals, for instance, people are provided with opportunities which promote deepened cultural cohesion. Thanks to the intervention of UICT’s development projects and its dedicated volunteers, Africa is becoming a better place day by day. The living conditions, for the improved quality of life, of hundreds of thousands of people on the African continent, continue to be improved with direct or indirect aid, through UICT. A contribution made possible through the gifts of the generous donors of UICT.