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Akin to a wave in the ocean, your small donation can have the power to transform lives.

Such as enabling accesss to education and clean water. Contributing to a family’s livelihood.
Curing a patient or as a source of building community infrastructure.

With our collective effort, hundreds of people in Africa can benefit!

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We serve and support impoverished communities in Africa and South America.

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To date, we have established UICT branches in more than 50 countries.

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And more than 200 learning institutions globally.

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Our dedicated family of educators work tirelessly to enrich the lives and minds of the youth, through support and guidance.

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Our institutions accommodate, support and educate over 10000 learners.


You will inspire good-mannered and wise learners as a caring generation at all levels.


Open clinics are run for general service including circumcisions and essential vaccinations.


Enhance the lives of 86% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa without access to clean water.

Food Distribution

Hearty hampers are distributed to our students as to their communities.


Each Qurbani is acknowledged as a benevolent offering of the donor. We distribute the blessed meat to the needy in Africa.

Sustainable Projects

Mirroring our hopeful future with seedling, planting and solar projects.

Water Wise Projects

Help spread hope upon the hopeless! What you may take for granted is essential for others.

Learn why Boreholes are a dire necessity in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, how these life-sustaining instruments are constructed and how much it costs to empower entire communities with water sustenance! 

Contribute to continue the stream of community sustenance, and enable water for life.




Currently we have more than 10 building projects as education facilities. These include schools, and spiritual schools as Madrasah.

Sadabat Holistic Education Centre




Wemet Project



Camperdown, KwaZulu - Natal

Tunahan Holistic Education Centre


Kucuk Chamlija Campus


Buyuk Chamlija Socio Eco and Techno Village


Holistic Approach to Education

It involves a holistic approach to education by providing access to sustenance in all forms. Grooming and care skills, moral and spiritual guidance with self-empowering education, to pick oneself up from one’s vulnerable position.

You can join thousand of students of UICT, or be a sponsor for a future leader.

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