Abu Ubaidah Ibn-al Jarrah (RA) Borehole Project has opened. It is drilled at the Village of Soyama, 100 km from Addis Addiba which is the capital of Ethiopia.

UICT’s Borehole Project would like to convey gratitude for your contribution! It has resulted in the hydrating nourishment of clean water, through the borehole you helped install there.

Sa’d b. Ubada told Prophet Muhammad SAW that Umm Sa’d, his mother had passed on and asked what form of sadaqah was best. When he SAW replied that water was the best, he dug a well and said it was for Umm Sa’d. (Abu Dawud and Nasa’i transmitted the Hadith, in Mishkat al-Masabih.)

May Allah let us gain the reward that Sa’d b. Ubada gains insha’Allah, by drilling a water well for his mother, as we drill for our fellow brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.

JazakaAllah for planting a smile on the childiren of Soyama; easing their mothers’ work, bringing health to the village and many more benefits by helping to drill this Abu Ubaidah Ibn-al Jarrah (RA) Borehole!

Click here to contribute the current borehole project which is for Salman Farisi (RA).

Please continue enabling UICT to empower people with essential needs. Be a part of such noble projects by contributing, or share the beneficial opportunity with those around you!